Mary's Place Roatan

coral Roatan

Mary's Place is one of the best diving sites in Roatan's reefs. Mary's reef was born out of a volcanic activity and it looks like a thumblike protrusion from the wall. Through the thumblike protrusion, two steep faults are carved out. A mooring buoy is placed over an area of 20 foot depth. This unique and beautiful dive can be commenced by descending the mooring line and by swimming to the east of the wall. Upon reaching the wall, one can turn towards the right and find the sheer canyon (crevasse), enter it and swim ahead gradually. The crevice starts at a depth of 20 feet and plunges down to 70 feet at its deepest. There is another fault with a depth of 60 feet and rises only upto 40 feet and this fault comes into sight at a right angle to the first crevice. One can enter this second fissure, then swim through the wall, then turn right again clinging to the wall and swim forward towards the opposite end of the first fissure and enter it at the west side. To return to the boat, one may swim through to the entry of the fault on an alternate course.

Within the belly of the faults, at 40 feet, black coral grows in abundance but now their rate of their growth has decreased due to illegal harvesting. Number of groupers and copper sweepers dwell in this area. On the surface of the wall a number of hard corals, a variety of fish species and deepwater lace can be spotted.

Average Depth Extent : 20 – 100 feet
Average Current Status: Minimal
Proficiency Required: Intermediate
Access: Boat



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